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“The best thing about Caturday is that there is no need for a freakin’ alarm. We can stay in bed all day if we want to.” Me:  Well then isn’t everyday Caturday for… Continue reading


Sebastian watching last night’s episode 12 of Twin Peaks the Return and thinking “what the heck is happening?!” We are both so happy Audrey Horne finally made an appearance (yay Sherilyn Fenn!). And… Continue reading

What Is Life?

“Just what is life all about anyway? Is it supposed to have some sort of meaning, some sort of purpose?  This is making my brain hurt; just give me some kibble and go… Continue reading


If you blink, you might miss camo-kitty on her favorite shag rug…


You can almost hear her thinking “I’m so over it” as she poses for a selfie.


Toes. That’s it. Just Toes.  Aren’t they the cutest???

Fool For Love

“You looking at me ya fool?” –  Sebastian

Kiss You

Whenever I use the phone to snap a few pictures of the Princess, she invariably tries to kiss it.  Kiss me you fool!


We both enjoy a slow burn crime drama, and the Princess is a huge fan of David Tennant in Broadchurch. Intense!


“look at all those birds…. “ This is Sebastian’s TV watching face as he experiences, for the first time, the wonders of YouTube videos for cats.