About This Blog

My Princess Pansy is one of two roommates who share a house with me but don’t pay any rent or utilities.  However, she’s not a freeloader  as she trades time in front of the camera as our home’s Top Model for regular meals, brushings and chin-rubs.

Although she was given the unfortunate name choice of “Pansy” at the shelter as a kitten, she is no pansy when it comes to voicing her opinion; combatting daily with our other roommate Sebastian in the wee-hours of the morning for dominance of the master bedroom and breakfast table.

She is the most beautiful cat in the world, who will pose tirelessly for thousands upon thousands of photos.  Who knows what she’s thinking as she once again innocently blinks for the camera?    As a transplanted New Yorker (who sleeps in New Jersey) she seems to have a lot to say about much of anything.  Enjoy your time on our blog; hopefully you will recognize a little bit of My Princess Pansy in yourself.