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“So, that episode with the dog groomer this morning?  I’ve almost forgotten about it….”


“Everybody’s working for the weekend… Everybody wants another nap…hey yeah!”  


“It’s a half-hour before the alarm goes off; where’s my breakfast?” ~ THE OTHER ONE

How Many is Too Many?

“Just like shoes, one can never have too many scratchy-boards…”

“Monday, Monday…”

(da dah, da da dah… can’t trust that day (da dah, da da dah…) “In case you’re wondering, this is how I feel about Mondays…”

Paws Off

“Stay right where you are, and keep your paws OFF my scratcher.”

Saturday’s are for…

“… Ebay shopping in bed.  I’m exhausted; think I’ll take a nap now.”

In Hiding

“If I stay very, very still, the vacuum cleaner might not see me.”

Bad Dream

“I dreamed I was in that scary place where they brush you and bathe you and taunt you with the smell of DOG… Wait.  Why does the calendar say “Groomer’s” next week?  What?!  No!!!”


It’s so cold outside that you have to wear TWO pairs of socks to stay warm?  And your point is?!?