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Goodbye Sweet Girl

It happened over a period of several days; and yet only about a week.  The Princess, who was already dealing with painful arthritis, began to rapidly decline.  She started laying down/sleeping only by… Continue reading

Chair Thief

So I was sitting on this chair, and then suddenly, after I got up for a minute, the Princess decided to steal it from me.  This is actually a momentous occasion as she… Continue reading

What Is Life?

“Just what is life all about anyway? Is it supposed to have some sort of meaning, some sort of purpose?  This is making my brain hurt; just give me some kibble and go… Continue reading

Momma’s Little Helper

“Did I do a good job of folding your tee shirts?”

Warm Linens

“Come on, do you really need me to move?  As far as I’m concerned my bed’s already made…”

Feed Me!

The Princess woke me up at 4:30 this morning, by repeatedly begging for food.  This is how I imagine she looked before stumbling out of my cozy bed to attend to her most… Continue reading


If you blink, you might miss camo-kitty on her favorite shag rug…

National Puppy Day

Today is National Puppy Day; the princess wants to know if having a dog bone tag counts?  #nationalpuppyday


“look at all those birds…. “ This is Sebastian’s TV watching face as he experiences, for the first time, the wonders of YouTube videos for cats.


Around here, EVERY day is International Love Your Cat Day. I LOVE this beautiful girl. Who wouldn’t? Happy “International Love Your Cat Every Day” Miss Pansy!  A happy Cat-urday as well.