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Birthday Wishes

Today is my 11th birthday and the human sang to me several times as if it meant something. Why does she torture me so ?!

Squatter’s Rights

“Hey, you’re the one that got up and left this warm, cozy spot just sitting here for the taking.  Your loss is my gain.  Now, scram!”

My Princess Valentine


I can’t imagine ever being bored with capturing photos of this precious face.  Is she dreaming of catnip? Birds?  Naps maybe?  


“Good morning world. What do you have up your sleeve for me today?  Treats?  Naps? Cuddles?  Let’s hope it’s all three.”   #Saturdays #makemehappy


Hey little Valentine, will you be mine? (snooze….. purr…. snooze…)


It may taste like “chicken”, but Princess Pansy isn’t fooled…..  ARGH!!


“Pardon me while I pretend you didn’t just shave off my fur… “ Flashback to the days of funny looking hair and when it was literally “cool” to have a lion-cut for the… Continue reading