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We both enjoy a slow burn crime drama, and the Princess is a huge fan of David Tennant in Broadchurch. Intense!

Squatter’s Rights

“Hey, you’re the one that got up and left this warm, cozy spot just sitting here for the taking.  Your loss is my gain.  Now, scram!”

National Puppy Day

Today is National Puppy Day; the princess wants to know if having a dog bone tag counts?  #nationalpuppyday

Coworker for the Day

My coworker yesterday was not very interested in accomplishing any urgent priorities, other than sleeping on the job.  This is frowned upon in your typical work environment, but some are able to get… Continue reading


“Good morning world. What do you have up your sleeve for me today?  Treats?  Naps? Cuddles?  Let’s hope it’s all three.”   #Saturdays #makemehappy


Do you remember a time when you could receive a trial set of recipe cards in the mail, and if you liked, you then joined the monthly recipe club?  Although I never joined,… Continue reading


This is how Princess Pansy helps me put on (or was it taking off?) my shoes.  Guess there’s no where I need to be right at this moment….


This is how we air-dry the bathroom rugs on laundry day.


Hey little Valentine, will you be mine? (snooze….. purr…. snooze…)


Thanks to the powers of the Facebook “On This Day” memory feature, one of the cutest pictures of our girl resurfaced today. While the world may think that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, Princess… Continue reading