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Goodbye Sweet Girl

It happened over a period of several days; and yet only about a week.  The Princess, who was already dealing with painful arthritis, began to rapidly decline.  She started laying down/sleeping only by… Continue reading


“The best thing about Caturday is that there is no need for a freakin’ alarm. We can stay in bed all day if we want to.” Me:  Well then isn’t everyday Caturday for… Continue reading

Chair Thief

So I was sitting on this chair, and then suddenly, after I got up for a minute, the Princess decided to steal it from me.  This is actually a momentous occasion as she… Continue reading

What Is Life?

“Just what is life all about anyway? Is it supposed to have some sort of meaning, some sort of purpose?  This is making my brain hurt; just give me some kibble and go… Continue reading

Momma’s Little Helper

“Did I do a good job of folding your tee shirts?”


I think this photo belongs in her professional portfolio…


This is how we air-dry the bathroom rugs on laundry day.


are you going to use that camera on me, huh?  Here, let me try and touch it…  


What shall we do today?  Play a bit of Zelda?  Watch the wind whip through the trees?  Waste time on the laptop? Guess it’s not much of a question, really.   .  … Continue reading


Around here, Sunday’s are also known “Snuggle Days” in our house.    Awhile back friends of Princess Pansy recommended the “Snugglesafe Microwavable Disc” to help ease her aging arthritic hip and knee joints.… Continue reading