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“The best thing about Caturday is that there is no need for a freakin’ alarm. We can stay in bed all day if we want to.” Me: ¬†Well then isn’t everyday Caturday for… Continue reading


Miss Pansy has spent the past week fighting an eye infection.  Given her displeasure with the prescribed antibiotic eye drops I’m sure she’s happy for the waiting game to finally be over.  Sweet… Continue reading

Chair Thief

So I was sitting on this chair, and then suddenly, after I got up for a minute, the Princess decided to steal it from me. ¬†This is actually a momentous occasion as she… Continue reading


One look at my little love bug’s face and I could almost admit that yes, I am a proud “Cat Parent” (aka; “Cat Lady…but only if you’re asking.)


Princess Pansy has elected to forego attending church with me this morning, in favor of snuggling with the pillows…