There’s never really a “good” checkout lane at Walmart, so of course I picked the very worst one.  I’m 3rd in line and the lady at the register is planted like a statue while the checker cancels out item-after-item on her register receipt.  This goes on for “I kid you not” 15 minutes…..until a price is arrived at which prompts the statue-like-lady to spring to life, moving in to pay what must be a dear price.  I would have moved lines if I could, but frustrated shoppers all around kept me planted in my spot; defending it to the end.  I wanted to be impatient and roll my eyes but really; I’m not standing in her shoes, nor do I know how it feels to have grumpy lady and men cats staring you down in a Walmart checkout line. I hope I never know.

I have a love/hate relationship with shopping.