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Fool For Love

“You looking at me ya fool?” –  Sebastian

Kiss You

Whenever I use the phone to snap a few pictures of the Princess, she invariably tries to kiss it.  Kiss me you fool!


We both enjoy a slow burn crime drama, and the Princess is a huge fan of David Tennant in Broadchurch. Intense!

Squatter’s Rights

“Hey, you’re the one that got up and left this warm, cozy spot just sitting here for the taking.  Your loss is my gain.  Now, scram!”

National Puppy Day

Today is National Puppy Day; the princess wants to know if having a dog bone tag counts?  #nationalpuppyday

Coworker for the Day

My coworker yesterday was not very interested in accomplishing any urgent priorities, other than sleeping on the job.  This is frowned upon in your typical work environment, but some are able to get… Continue reading

Make the Bed

This is how we make the bed; fresh linens getting warmed up first by the Princess. 


“look at all those birds…. “ This is Sebastian’s TV watching face as he experiences, for the first time, the wonders of YouTube videos for cats.


Around here, EVERY day is International Love Your Cat Day. I LOVE this beautiful girl. Who wouldn’t? Happy “International Love Your Cat Every Day” Miss Pansy!  A happy Cat-urday as well.  


Pansy is giving me that look as if to say “why haven’t you updated my blog in awhile?” Yeah, momma is a flake, but she still loves you to the moon and back.… Continue reading