Heat Wave

While all of NYC seems to have trekked out to the beach for the current heat wave, Pansy seems perfectly happy right where she’s at. Enjoy your snooze little bug!

Birthday Cake

“Mom, Since it’s your birthday, can I help you cut the cake?”


Who needs to go to the beach when we can soak up the sun indoors?

Red Bed

I bought an orthopedic pet bed for the Princess, supposedly good for arthritis and sore joints.  With the addition of her favorite red blanket she seems to find it acceptable.  Here’s looking at… Continue reading

Warm Linens

“Come on, do you really need me to move?  As far as I’m concerned my bed’s already made…”


My coworker for the day seems to think it’s perfectly okay to put her head down for a snooze right in the middle of an important conference call.   Sleep well little shortcake.


Just look at these hairy little feet.  What a cutie pie!


“Look deep into my eyes and tell me you love me….”

Rare Moment

A rare moment of two roommates caught in the act of togetherness during a Sunday afternoon Hulu marathon.

Feed Me!

The Princess woke me up at 4:30 this morning, by repeatedly begging for food.  This is how I imagine she looked before stumbling out of my cozy bed to attend to her most… Continue reading